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1- What's Behind Your Financial Decisions Before you create a budget or make spending cuts, take the LifeValues quiz to determine what it is that you value most.

2- Get Organized Tips on managing not only your financial documents, but also your time.

3- Know Where Your Money Goes Keep track of your expenses and find your spending leaks.

4- Shop Smarter Making smarter spending decisions is another way to "find" money without actually making more.

5- Review and Reduce Your Debt Identify the debt you have and use these tips to pay it off.

6- Build a Strong Credit Report Maintaining a strong credit report can help you in a number of ways.

7- Save For Your Future One of the best and easiest ways to save money and start a strong retirement income planning program is to pay yourself first.

8- Set Financial Goals Whatever your goals might be, you have a better chance of achieving them if you write them down.

9- Create a Spending Plan One of the best ways to make sure your daily spending habits don't overwhelm your goals is to create a spending plan.

10- Invest Money to Reach Your Goals For longer-term objectives